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动物工程师手艺惊人 堪称自然界能工巧匠

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自然界生活着一群默默无闻的动物工程师,它们堪称自然界的能工巧匠。它们的手艺、它们的工程较之人类相比毫不逊色。大小动物班门弄斧,随时准备打造温馨家园。真正的动物工程师必须使用周围环境中可用的材料。《动物工程师手艺惊人 堪称自然界能工巧匠》,如果爱www.iflove.com精彩巨献,动物工程师与你过招,精彩不容错过,敬请关注!Coming up next, Beetle, Animal Architects: Skillful Artisans in the Wild, here we shall survive the wild now.



解说词:动物工程师手艺惊人 堪称自然界能工巧匠
English Title: Animal Architects: Skillful Artisans in the Wild
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Animal Architects: Skillful Artisans in Nature

Section: Animal

Many animals build nests or burrows to provide a safe place to raise their young. But few can compete with these animal cities:

Termites in Australia and Africa are the champion builders of the animal world. They use soil and saliva to make cement towers that reach up to 20 feet tall. Australia’s “magnetic termites” build north-facing wedges to regulate the nest’s exposure to the Sun.

Bald-faced Hornets build rounded nests out of …

Children’s Book Review: Animal Architects, by John Nicholson

Did you know there’s a bird who can tie complex knots to build a basket-like chamber? Or that wombats can build warrens with thirty metres of tunnel (or more)? Author/illustrator John Nicholson, a qualified architect, was so fascinated with the way the animal world deals with the need for housing, that he put together Animal Architects.
Divided into chapters exploring different types of homes, from Weavers to Diggers and Carpenters, the book looks at how animals build their homes and what they use them for.

With plenty of Australian content – wombats, bower-birds and trap-door spiders among the animals discussed – there are also well known builders like beavers and woodpeckers.

Nicholson’s illustrations are both detailed and appealing, making the book a visual delight. Whilst the book has great appeal as a reference title, it will be a source of delight and entertainment for both children and adults.

John Nicholson is among Australia’s most respected writers of non-fiction for children. Other titles include Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Gold!

Animal Architects, written and illustrated by John Nicholson
Allen & Unwin, 2003

Other Great Children’s Non-Fiction

Chimpanzee, by David Kennett
Killer Whale, by David Kennett
Endangered, by Rick Wilkinson



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