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动物组建建筑公司 自然建筑师大兴土木工程

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动物建筑师自然界是个庞大的建筑公司,动物则是名副其实的建筑工人。就像人类利用木材建房一样,真正的动物工程师必须使用周围环境中可用的材料。可以说,它们已经成为各行业的大师,甚至超越了玻璃和钢铁建筑。《动物组建建筑公司 自然建筑师大兴土木工程》,如果爱www.iflove.com精彩巨献,动物工程师挑战人类工程,精彩不容错过!Coming up next, Architecture in Nature: Civil-Engineering Project, here we shall exclaim animals’ techniques now.

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English Title: Architecture in Nature: Civil-Engineering Project
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Natural Architecture: Civil-Engineering Project

the natural environment still manages to fill us with a sense of awe and amazement. despite the amount of scientific knowledge mankind has gathered, nature still holds great mysteries that we may never be able to unravel.

this complexity has continually daunted man. in frustration, we try to control nature by enforcing order. as a result, we have distanced ourselves from the earth, even though our survival is completely dependent on it. we are now trying to regain our close connection to nature.

there is an emerging art movement that is exploring mankind’s desire to reconnect to the earth, through the built environment. referred to as ‘natural architecture’, it aims to create a new, more harmonious, relationship between man and nature by exploring what it means to design with nature in mind.

the roots of this movement can be found in earlier artistic shifts like the ‘land art’ movement of the late nineteen sixties. although this movement was focused on protesting the
austerity of the gallery and the commercialization of art, it managed to expand the formal link between art and nature.this has helped develop a new appreciation of nature in all
forms of art and design.

the ‘natural architecture’ movement aims to expand on ‘land art’ by acting as a form of activism rather than protest. this new form of art aims to capture the harmonious connection we seek with nature by merging humanity and nature through architecture. the core concept of the movement is that mankind can live harmoniously with nature, using it for our
needs while respecting its importance.

the movement is characterized by the work of a number of artists, designers and architects that express these principles in their work. the pieces are simple, humble and built using the most basic materials and skills. because of this, the results often resemble indigenous architecture, reflecting the desire to return to a less technological world. the forms are stripped down to their essence, expressing the natural beauty inherent in the materials and location. the movement has many forms of expression that range from location-based interventions to structures built from living materials. however all of the works in the movement share a central ethos that demonstrates a respect and appreciation for nature.

these works are meant to comment on architecture and provide a new framework to approach buildings and structures. they aim to infuse new ideas into architecture by ubverting
the idea that architecture should shelter nature. instead, the structures deliberately expose the natural materials used in the building process. we see the branches, the rocks and
all the materials for what they are. we understand that these structures won’t exist forever. the materials will evolve over time, slowly decomposing until no evidence remains.
these features are intentional, provoking viewers to question the conventions of architecture. the designers aren’t suggesting that architecture must conform to their vision, they are just providing ideas that they hope will inspire us all to rethink the relationship between nature and the built environment.

natural architecture (the book)
author: alessandro rocca
publisher: princeton architectural press
year: 2007
ISBN: 1568987218
ISBN:13 9781568987217

designboom rating:

a collection of works reflecting the ideas of this movement
have been compiled into a book written by alessandro rocca
(architect and architecture critic and a professor at the
milan polytechnic). the book, due out in early november 2007,
features sixty-six projects from 18 artists and architects
by way of 250 photos and illustrations. each project reconsiders
designing with nature in mind. projects by olafur eliasson,
patrick dougherty, nils-udo, ex. studio, edward ng, n architects,
and many others. more info

the work featured in this book was first published in 2006 in the book ‘architettura naturale’ (italian language) by 22publishing



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