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蜜蜂的故事:小蜜蜂传播花粉 甘做花媒人

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蜜蜂的故事:小蜜蜂时刻忙碌着为自己、为后代采集花粉花蜜。它们与显花植物相互依赖。没有蜜蜂,显花植物就无法完成生存;没有显花植物,蜜蜂难以完成进化。在花粉的传播过程中,蜜蜂起到了重要作用。《蜜蜂的故事:小蜜蜂甘做花媒人,传播花粉中饱私囊》,如果爱www.iflove.com精彩巨献,甲壳虫不容错过,敬请关注!Coming up next, Beetle, A Bee Story: Bee as Matchmaker, here we shall dance with bees now.



English Title: A Bee Story: Bee as Matchmaker
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A Bee Story: Bee as Matchmaker

Author Unknown

Once upon a time the animals had a school.
They had four subjects: running, climbing, flying, and swimming-
and all animals took all subjects.

The duck was good at swimming, better than the teachers in fact.
He made passing grades in running and flying,
but he was almost hopeless in climbing.
So they made him drop swimming to practice more climbing.
Soon he was only average in swimming.
But average is OK, and nobody worried much about it except the duck.

The eagle was considered a troublemaker.
In his climbing class he beat everybody to the top of the tree,
but he had his own way of getting there, which was against the rules.
He always had to stay after school and write,
Cheating is wrong 500 times.
This kept him from soaring, which he loved.
But schoolwork comes first.

The bear flunked because they said he was lazy, especially in winter.
His best time was summer, but school wasn’t open then.

The penguin never went to school because he couldn’t leave home,
and they wouldn’t start a school out where he lived.

The zebra played hooky –– a lot.
The ponies made fun of his stripes, and that made him very sad.

The kangaroo started out at the top of the running class,
but got discouraged trying to run on all fours like the other kids.

The fish quit school because he was bored.
To him all four subjects were the same, but nobody understood that.
They had never been a fish.

The squirrel got A’s in climbing,
but his flying teacher made him start from the ground up instead of the treetop down.
His legs got so sore from practicing takeoffs that he began getting C’s and D’s in running.

But the bee was the biggest problem of all,
so the teacher sent him to Dr. Owl for testing.
Dr. Owl said that the bees wings were just too small for flying
and besides they were in the wrong place.
But the bee never saw Dr. Owls report,
so he just went ahead and flew anyway.

I think I know a bee or two, don’t you?



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