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Girl Friends  

Superstar Seeking Girlfriend or Wife

Come on, breaking news now. Edward Chen is looking for his girl friend or Wife.

Yes, exactly amazing news. The Chinese movie star Edward Chen entrusts our website to help him to seek a girlfriend.

Today in the morning, when Edward Chen came to our office, the first thing he said is that he wanted to seek a girlfriend through our website. Before we believed that, he repeated that he would be looking for his another half. Maybe in the West, it is not a rare thing that some movie actor is looking for a girl friend on the internet, but here in China…

Girl Friends Wanted

Who Edward is looking for is a girl under 21 from anywhere. He thinks his girl should be naïve, innocent and fancy-free. The girl should love him and have a tender heart for him. He wish that both she and he will be grow and make progress together, for a happy future.

Do you want to know something about Edward? Ok, Edward is 23 years’ old, 181cm in height and 65kg in weight. For his detailed information see FAIRY TALE. You’ll find his photos and other physical data right there.

Ok now! If you have the intention to be Edward Chen’s girl friend, please feel free to contact us. And we’ll deliver your message to him and arrange you a meeting with him. We would appreciate it very much if you recommend your friends, classmates, sisters, daughters or someone you like to Edward.

You are kind to contact us at:

Tel: +86-10-81828156
MSN: actormovie@gmail.com
Mobile: 13683139966
Contact: Alice Lee

Please contact Alice IMMEDIATELY if you want to be Edward Chen’s girlfriend. She will arrange a meeting for you with Edward. Or just send your email to Edward: actormovie@gmail.com
If you like Edward Chen, please leave your messages.
Or just send your email to Edward: actormovie@gmail.com
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iflove.com is a tribute to Edward Chen the Movie Star.
Edward Chen, a movie star for all of us, a lucky star above all our sky.
The story doesn’t but begins until the star opens his eyes, with all our expectedness.
This is the star, all our star, shining just upon our hearts.
Thus, in calmness, actor Edward Chen approaches into all our life.

If I love, I'll love you
A Movie Actor Just from Real Life to Your Heart
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