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飞虫世家窝里斗:为繁殖,它们你争我斗;为争夺异性,它们刀光剑影。飞虫是我们人类接触得最为频繁的物种。它们令人作呕,甚至让人唯恐避之不及。但从另外一个方面讲,它们在自然界中又是不可缺少的,在维持生态平衡方面扮演着重要作用。如果爱 www.iflove.com温情献阅,蜘蛛侠与您相约,惊险不容错过!精彩尽在传奇saga节目,敬请关注!Flies Family: Fight for Opposite Sex and Reproduction, now here we peruse.

English Title: Flies Family: Mating for Reproduction with Opposite Sex
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Flies Reproduction

The methods of mating and reproduction for bugs can be complex, and sometimes unusual. Most bug species have males and females that mate and reproduce sexually, with males producing sperm to fertilise the eggs produced by females. For more information about Spider or Spider Man, please visit www.iflove.com

Flies Mating

Many insects perform routines or rituals to attract a mate. These may entail a mating dance, moving or flying in circles, the fluttering of wings, or the stroking of the female by the male. Some bugs offer ‘gifts’ in the form of a chemical or food. Some bees collect the scents of particular flowers and store them on their back legs for use in their courtship rituals.

Many insects such as flies, beetles, wasps, bees and butterflies will gather at a particular location for no other purpose than finding a mate. Mating often happens just once, with females relying on the sperm stored from a mating for the rest of their lives.

Several bugs, like stick insects, aphids and some grasshoppers, can do without a mate all together. They are able to reproduce parthenogenetically, the young hatching from unfertilised eggs as clones of the mother.

Flies Egg Laying

The production of eggs takes place in the abdomen of the female. After fertilisation, females will find a place to lay the eggs. This is usually close to, or in, a food source appropriate to the young of the species, and in a place safe from predators. Some female insects have a long, needle-like ovipositor at the base of their abdomen, which they use for placing their fertilised eggs in the soil. For more information about Spider or Spider Man, please visit www.iflove.com

While most bugs lay eggs, there are some that give birth to live young, and others that do both. Some cockroaches retain their fertilised eggs; the eggs hatch inside the mother’s body and she gives birth to live young.

Flies are amongst the most prolific breeders. A female house fly can lay between 500 and 600 eggs during her life, in batches of 75 to 100 eggs. The whole process from egg to adult takes less than two weeks. If all the eggs from a female house fly were to hatch, and all the offspring were allowed to survive, breed, and lay their own eggs, then we would have 180,000 flies in just two generations. In three generations we would have 54,000,000 flies.

Fruit Fly Reproduction Rates Data

Fruit flies reproduce at astonishing rates. Their rapid reproduction has made them both valuable research subjects and formidable pests.

Female fruit flies are capable of laying hundreds of eggs within their brief life spans. Eggs are most commonly laid on moist, fermenting food masses such as over-ripe fruit and vegetables. Within 24 to 30 hours, fruit fly eggs hatch into larvae known as maggots. These maggots feed on the fruits within which they were laid.

Within one week, maggots burrow through the decaying matter and molt twice. After four days, larvae move to a dry surface and transform into pupae. Three days later, adult fruit flies emerge. Fruit flies become sexually active within two days of emerging as adults. Female fruit flies may mate with several males and store sperm for future use.


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