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English Title: Gangs in the United States: Chicago Gang War History
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Chicago Gang War History: How Chicago Gangs Come out

Chicago Gang War: To Fight Gangs Communities Have to Work Together Meet your local gangbanger. “Mighty Blackstone Rangers” brags the challenge scrawled across the walls and barred store windows of Chicago’s South Side slums. A loosely organized army numbering perhaps 2,500, the Rangers hold their neighborhoods in thrall. So far this year, 36 Chicagoans under 21 have been murdered, most of them in juvenile warfare for which the Rangers get the blame. Recruiters even pull pre-teenagers into the ranks, and one triggerman of 14 said that he had carried out a killing for a $6 fee.

A year ago, the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity financed a $927,341 project to attempt to convert the Rangers from evil to good. The Rev. John Fry, a short, tough, idealistic exMarine, ran the pacification program through his First Presbyterian Church in the Woodlawn district on the South Side. He has been involved in church-related slum programs before, and had considerable success in helping to damp down the Chicago riots of 1966. Fry’s gym became a Ranger recreation center, and gang members were given training for productive jobs.

Senator John McClellan, a fierce foe of OEO, last week attacked the Chicago undertaking as a prototype of OEO’s impracticalities. Moreover, critics pointed out that the program hired some almost-illiterate hoods at yearly salaries of up to $6,500 each to teach subjects like remedial reading. Since Fry began to bypass Chicago Mayor Dick Daley’s administration, the police have gone out of their way to harass the Rangers and Fry’s church. Last week at McClellan’s hearings, some Chicago types weighed in with a sulfurous assault on the preacher, his project and OEO.

Murder & Dope. Former Ranger Warlord George (“Mad Dog”) Rose testified that Fry let the gang use the church basement as headquarters and then warned them about police raids. He said that Fry had even relayed a murder assignment to Rose. Mrs. Annabelle Martin, mother of eight Rangers, said that Fry allowed reefer parties and armed thugs in his church. Asked to repeat this to his face, she turned to Fry and said: “He can sit in my lap and I’ll tell him the same. What do they teach those kids in that church? How to murder, how to sell dope!”

Fry had little opportunity to do more than brand the charges “outrageous lies.” But the ruling elders of his and other Chicago churches rushed to his defense. Said University of Chicago Theologian Martin Marty: “The John Fry I know is a man of integrity, honesty, grit and guts.” Fry’s attorney insisted that the real question was how to deal with juvenile gangs, by force or by conversion. “You should be studying this question, not badgering sincere, dedicated clerics who try only to help their deprived fellow man,” said he, but McClellan gaveled him down. Lost in the furor was any realistic evaluation of OEO’s attempts to tame the Rangers.

American Street Gangs: Chicago Gangs, Codes of Silence and a Confused Mayor Daley

American Street Gangs: Chicago needs a “no excuse leadership!” Gangs of Chicago 1940 (Republic film) Was: $40.00 Now: $20.00 (VF w/some pinholes) Police and a man on a stretcher

Gang Tattoos. Another twelve hours of gang-related violence in Chicago has left 7 people dead and 15 wounded. As I write this, Chicago gang violence has produced a murder toll of 97 thus far. Insanity by any measure. What is it about warm weather and gang banging thugs? It seems to be a ritual every year, gangs expanding their territories for the illicit drug trade that is the heart of the problem. The worst part of this vicious cycle is the “Code of Silence” in these neighborhoods. You have the gang-bangers behaving badly, but, you also have adults behaving badly. You begin to wonder about the big picture on why these neighborhoods have degraded into constant chaos and mayhem. Of course, you also have another factor – an utterly confused Mayor Daley who just doesn’t get it. Daley and his blame game.

Blighted urban areas have always had a distrust for the police; they simply are not viewed as being on the side, or friends, of the people. We have heard about corrupt cops abusing their power and even participating in the drug trade they were sworn to eliminate. Cops bartering with the hookers to get their jollies or a quick blow job. No wonder the neighborhood’s are a mess. Why would any law-abiding citizens trust those “men in blue” if they are part of the problem? Other times, cops just avoid the lawless areas figuring that it is just gang-bangers killing each other. That, of course, isn’t the truth at all. Children walking to school are getting caught in the cross-fire of those bullets too. It is inexcusable and reprehensible!

Let’s look at the confused mayor who gets up on his bully pulpit blaming gun manufacturers for the violence and influx of weapons into those neighborhoods. Daley would love nothing more than to deny law abiding citizens the right to protect themselves. Absolutely absurd! Guns don’t kill people, Mr. Mayor, people kill people! The manufacturers do not go into those neighborhoods and set up a tent with colorful balloons selling their products. Guns are supplied to those gangs via straw purchases and other illegal means. Many weapons are even sold after they have been confiscated – how does that happen? I will leave it to you to make that connection. We have heard of policeman with ties to gangs over the years. Police who are engaged in the very thing they are supposed to stop is asking for trouble.

Of course, it isn’t the entire police force. One or two bad apples in a relatively clean precinct is enough to destroy the trust of the people. Most Chicago Policeman I know, and have known, are good people who care about not only their reputations but for the sacred trust that goes with their positions. In all, most cops are on the up and up. There are bad ones though and Internal Affairs must take citizen complaints seriously when they arise. Swift and hard punishment must be exacted when required. We don’t need cops who abuse their powers!

Adults, who are parents of these gang-bangers, are most at fault. There is no excuse for letting their kids getting caught in the gang trap. Then again, how many of those parents have had their issues with authority? How many parents have been involved in gangs, past and present? Watch a Jerry Springer Show sometime and see the thug mentality that is so prevalent in urban society today. It sucks, and while Springer exploits its for all he can get, it doesn’t do justice to the parents who are genuinely concerned and involved with their kids.

There is a huge problem, though, and this Code of Silence needs to end if people want to take their neighborhoods back or more needless deaths of children will occur. Children who have never been given a fair shot at a full life. There has been a societal breakdown occurring in these gang-infested areas and I first blame the parents or the transient baby-makers.

Blighted areas have a multitude of problems; high unemployment and high dropout rates are a big factor. People need jobs! Good jobs sure – but jobs none the less. So while aldermen worry and argue about Wal-Mart paying a lower than Chicago mandated hourly wage, they should consider letting Wal-Mart and other Big Box Retailers build first to attract a customer base, thus creating an economic stimulus and demand, rather than snuffing it out before it even begins. These retailers are taking a huge risk building in areas that are unstable at best – shouldn’t they at least be given a chance to succeed before imposing deal breaker rules? The first thought needs to be getting decent jobs into those neighborhoods. That is step one!

Step two is to gain the confidence of the people with a fully engaged Chicago Police Department; responsive to the people in a timely manner. If the people in the neighborhoods see that they have a cooperative police force the “Code of Silence” will gradually be broken down. The police need residents to speak up and help with investigations. It is a two way street between residents and the police and that is ultimately what will drive the gangs away. Gangs operate on the premise of fear and you cannot have residents fear both the gangs and the police. That is exactly what is happening now.

Step three is getting Mayor Daley to acknowledge that there are system wide problems in the city. Playing the blame game for failures and breakdowns in city government is not a solution. It is a political game. A game his father played and now he plays. It is bullshit. Blighted areas need an economic boost. People with jobs are a happy lot, especially when they can provide a stable life for their families. Instead of asking Washington for pet project money that only beautifies the surface of the city, the city needs to get funds to solve the inherent problems beneath the surface. Money for better schools and education, after school programs designed to keep youth safe and engaged and creating economic growth in long neglected areas would go a long way in accomplishing that. The best investment the city can make is in it’s neglected neighborhoods and people.

Chicago gangs, and their violence, and the subsequent code of silence among residents will not help alleviate the problem, it will just exasperate it. Add to that a confused Mayor Daley who likes to to blame everyone or everything else instead of facing the issues that confront the poorest parts of his city are just an insult to the intelligence of all the residents. Chicago is a city that only works on the surface, a pretty facade. What it needs is a seriously engaged city government willing to solve the problems instead of one only concerned with personal wealth and agendas. People need more than hope and blame.


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