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英文名称: Russia-Japan prison, Lyushun Museum Site Address
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Russia-Japan prison, Lyushun Museum

English: Difference of main constructure of Lvshun Russian and Japanese Prison. The grey part built by Russians in 1902, the red one by Japanese in 1907
中文(简体) : 旅顺日俄监狱主建筑,灰砖部分为1902年沙俄所建,红砖部分为1907年日本所建

Although during the years when our land was treaded and trampled by Japan imperialism, persons of ideals and integrity against Japan and patriotic landsman were conquered yet. Fellows sufferer who were put in Lushun Prison developed with unbending struggle in various methods against enemy.

Lushun Japan-Russia Prison Site is located at No. 139 Xiangyang Street Lushunkou District Dalian Liaoning Province, P. R. China. It was built by tsarist Russia in 1902 and was extended by Japan in 1907. Within the enclosing wall, the prison covers an area of 26,000 m2, there are 275 prison houses in various kinds, where over 2000 persons can be imprisoned at the same time, and there are frisking room, quaestio room, gallows room and 15 factories. Outside the enclosing wall, there are kiln factory, tree farm, orchard and vegetable plot where the prisoners were forced to do corvee labor. The prison covers a gross area of 226,000m2. Many people from China, Korea, Japa, Russia and Egypt etc. countries were imprisoned and slaughtered here.

Lushun Japan-Russia Prison built by two imperialist states in a third country is an irrefutable evidence of aggressing and opposing mankind of imperialist big powers, whose brutal and atrocious degree is rarely seen all over the world.

In August 1945, while Soviet Red Army garrisoned Lushun, the prison was broken up. After being repaired, the prison site was opened to society as a showroom in July 1971. In 1998, the State Department of the People’s Republic of China announced that the Lushun Japan-Russia Prison Site was regarded as a national important preservation of cultural relic.

旅顺日俄监狱 Lvshun Japan-Russia Prison 这座由两个帝国主义国家在第三国先后建造的监狱,是帝国主义列强侵华和反人类的铁证,其野蛮和残忍程度在世界上是罕见的。


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