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美女厨师培训学校举办雷人美食节功夫厨神比赛烹饪创意。一个连老鼠、虫子都成为盘中餐的雷人美食节,北京iflove梦幻西餐厅的美食创意层出不穷。从顶级大厨到业余食客,到底谁才是真正的厨艺之神?《美女厨师培训学校:美食节功夫厨神争霸赛》,如果爱www.iflove.com隆重推出,厨师牛刀不容错过,敬请关注!Coming up next, Top Cook School: Kung Fu Chefs. Here we shall taste their techniques now.



英文名称:Top Cook School: Find Cooking Schools or Culinary Institute For Chef Training
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Find Cooking Schools or Culinary Institute For Kung Fu Chef Training

Cooking Schools For Chef Training. Research top culinary schools and find the best cooking courses from the best culinary arts schools worldwide and request free information about culinary school culinary classes and earn one of many culinary degrees. For more information about Iflove Cooking School, please visit

Top Cook School: Do you daydream about leaving your current job and making a living doing something you love? Well, if that something is food and cooking, the Cook Street 180° Culinary Arts Program can turn your dreams into reality faster than you can say peach flambé.

Specifically designed to appeal to students of varied skill levels, Cook Street 180° is a hands-on learning experience that is second to none. Aspiring chefs are taught not only the fundamentals of cooking – menu preparation, palate development and wine education – but also about the rich culture, history and heritage of gourmet cuisine. Hence, cooking is only the beginning of what you’ll learn.

In an atmosphere that places you among culinary artisans and future chefs, your focus and resolve for cooking will intensify as you gain knowledge and experience. As a student of our culinary school, the path you undertake is one lined with discovery.

Be warned, however, this is serious business. We are very passionate about food and expect you to be as well. To that end, you will be challenged every day to prove your passion by actually cooking what’s on the day’s menu. In our cooking school, you will learn by doing.

At Cook Street, there is no shallow end.Cooking is in itself a form of art – something which is given life and definition by its artist. This is why cooking in general is called culinary arts. And in this art form, the artist is called a chef. A career in culinary arts can be a really rewarding one not just because of its financial benefits, but also because of the exposure and recognition you can possibly gain if you move on to become a really good professional chef. The food industry is a fast growing one, and you have a vast array of career options to choose from – the opportunities are virtually endless, and the doors are very much wide open.

If you are one of those people who have a talent for cooking or really love working with food, then pursuing a career in culinary arts may just be the best step to take. Although it is possible to have a decent career or job in this field without formal education, there’s still nothing like receiving training from a reputable culinary institute. Here, not only are you allowing yourself to receive up to date instructions and quality training, you open up better career opportunities too. Try looking at the profiles of famous chefs today and you’ll notice that majority of them came from well-known cooking schools.

If becoming a professional chef is your primary target, then it is imperative that you undergo formal chef training from a good chef school. You can take different paths in becoming a chef – most start by receiving training from high school, vocational programs and even 2 to 4 year courses. An apprenticeship program is also an excellent source of training, and you can find them being offered by culinary schools, industry associations and trade unions. You might be surprised that there are also notable restaurants and hotels which offer chef training programs of their own too.

Nowadays, most employers and commercial establishments offering chef employment look for applicants who have received sufficient education and training from colleges, trade schools and professional associations because of the depth and coverage of the educational programs they offer. Inside a chef training school, students learn the ABC’s of cooking, food preparation and proper use of kitchen equipment. They will also learn how to make menu plans, control food costs and portion sizes, purchase food supplies, proper food storage and management of food leftovers.

Chef careers have their own advantages and rewards – you get to meet a lot of people, learn new things every day, make culinary masterpieces, work under favourable conditions and of course, receive excellent pay. Keep in mind that chef salary will always vary, and can be dictated by a number of factors which primarily include the geographic location of your workplace (establishments in the city pay more), the type of food service an establishment offers (whether its fast-food, a small cafeteria or a fine-dining restaurant), and your job description (your position or responsibilities as a chef).

It is important to remember that having a career as a professional chef cannot be rushed. In order to truly be competent in this culinary field, one must undergo many years of training and experience. The more training and experience you acquire, the better you will become as a chef – and this also means better career opportunities and greater chances of success too! If you want to get a good head start, look for good cooking schools or culinary institute where your foundations as a chef will be built. In choosing a chef school, take into consideration some important factors such as your financial status, location, admission requirements, class schedules and other related matters.

Your guide to culinary arts education: Iflove Cooking School is an independent, unbiased resource that’s designed to allow future culinary-school students to research and compare the diverse world of cooking-education institutes. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a head chef, line cook or restaurant manager, then this educational site can help you turn those dreams into reality and plan for an exciting career in the culinary arts.





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